Monday, August 5, 2013

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Gajanur Dam & Jog Falls

4 of my Photography friends viz Mr. Sateesh N, Mr. Harish S, Mr. Viraj & Mr. Srinivasa Rao, from Bangalore visited Shimoga on Saturday, the 3rd August in Mr.Harish 'Bolero Vehicle'.

After packing our Lunch prepared by me we left for Jog falls and reached at around 3.30 pm under thick fog and heavy rains. We waited in anticipation to see the magnificient falls but could hear only the sound of the rains lashing with full breeze and the roaring sound of water falling from 960 feet.

The wondrous sight is that of river Sharavathi taking a spectacular leap into the chasm from a height of 960 feet. The river Sharavathi hurtles in 4 distinct cascades. The first of these falls is known as the 'Raja' - the grandest, an unbroken sheet of water, the Raja plunges into the vapor shrouded poll 900 feet below. A few 100 feet way down, with a thunderous gush, Raja is joined by 'Roarer'. Leaping down with great speed in a series of cascades in the 'Rocket', and gliding away in a feminine grace, 'Rani'.  The effect is greatly heightened by the wild and beautiful region around which is covered with a wealth of luxuriant vegetation. The steps cut into rocks will lead you to the very depths of the fall and shower you with vaporous spray that bounces off these rocks.

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp: You can hear elephants reciting their lessons.  Yes it’s not a joke its fact that you can find here many elephants being trained by training professionals.  Elephant from the adjoining forests bathe at this spot before they re-enter their forest abode. Every morning these majestic creatures waddle down to waters and after playfully cleansed their bodies and satiated their thirst, they leave the waters before the rays of the sun get stronger. They are off to deal with their day's routine only to return the following day.  To catch a glimpse of these mammoths play in the water, get there before 8 am.

Forest department has maintained the place very neatly and a separate camp has been arranged at the back water of Gajanur dam. Every year a small carnival is conducted where trained elephants show off their skills to the public which includes playing foot ball, Savari etc.

Timings - 8.30 am to 11.30 am 

Entry fees – Rs.30/- (Indians), Rs.100/- (Foreigners)

Gajanur dam: Gajnur dam is one of the most visited tourist spot nearby Shimoga city which is the water reservoir supplying water to majority of agricultural land of Shimoga taluk. Recent expansion of Dam in water level and construction of few more water gates has raised the level of water. There is small guest house at Gajnur dam and well maintained park welcomes the visitors.