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Idlumane-Kodachadri 2014

Date: 05th July 2014 and 06th July 2014

Mr.Sateesh, Mr.Viraj, Mr.Umesh & Mr.Harish from Bangalore called me over phone that they intended to come to Shimoga for 2 days. I decided to take them to Vihara Nisarghadhama owned by Mr.Manjanna (fondly called) a eco friendly, South India Yoga Champion, Humanitarian, Trekker and a good hearted person.

The Team left Bangalore on 4th July 2014 at 6-30 pm, in Mr.Harish Bolero, and reached my house by 10-30 pm, I welcomed them and had dinner (Onion,Potato & Brijal Sambar).

05th July 2014

I had planned to take them for bird watching nearby place called Purdal Dam in Shimoga, luckily we were able to shoot some pictures.

Purdal is a small village nearby Shimoga city which has beautiful scenic view. There is a water reservoir to store the water from the nearby steep areas. Purdal dam is also the major water supply for Lion safari and forest around Purdal. A very calm place which receives less crowd. Purdal is best suited for family outings nearby shimoga. Purdal can be reached by two ways - one is from Sagara road and another is from Anupinakatte road. There is huge parking space next to the dam and evening is the most opted time to visit the location. A popular television hosted a reality game show at purdal few years before which made purdal to come into the public notice. A beautiful road leading to prudal with semi-forest is treat to watch.




After returning from Purdal, I prepared Breakfast (Uppama), and left Shimoga by 12-30 pm, in Bolero towards Vihara Nisargha Dhama (via. Ayanoor, Ripponpet, Hosanagara, Nagar, Nittur) on a 118 km drive, and reached the place at 2.30 pm. 


Vihara Nisargha dhama is about 2.5 kms from Nittur, the route from Nittur is a Katcha Road.

Nisarga Vihara Dhama is a retreat built amidst forest consisting of log huts and tents (on request) to stay overnight on a sprawling 10 acres. This is a brain child of Manjanna who is in charge of almost everything in this place. We were received by Manjanna and we were directed to a log hut to put things in place and get fresh. 


We had lunch (Jackfruit Palya, Nugge Soppina Chatni, Chapathi, Rice and Curd).

After having Lunch  we started towards Idlu Mane falls to a point where the trail starts. The road is not all that good so always take a Jeep and never your car. It took about half an hour and some effort to reach the first stage of the fall.


Start from Nittur for 3 kms and take right turn towards Kodachadri hills. Drive for 13 km to reach Idlumane, and trek for 6 kms  to reach the waterfalls. Idlumane falls also has one more route which is on trekking by Nagodi village.

No food is available anywhere on the way or at the spot. So carry your food with you. Please don't throw any non-biodegradable substance (plastics, water bottles, plastic plates etc..) there. Enjoy and be one among the nature.

After our Drive to Idulmane, we had to start our trek and were welcomed by the green fields then the real journey to the falls started by crossing over fallen trees and slippery mud (it had rained the previous day) making our trek a little difficult.

We were immediately treated with fallen trees covered with moss and flat mushroom, ferns, new leaves sprouting, fallen leaves, noisy insects, leeches, etc. There was a bit of humidity too.

We had to cross the most dangerous part of the trek, climbing bed of rocks with water flow and very slippery due to the water flow.

We had a surprise also, a Viper was almost next to us when we were taking rest.

To trek is to breathe clean air, cherish every step towards the horizon,test the endurance levels of each and above all experience a wave of thrill running through one’s veins. Keep crossing logs, be careful of blood thirsty leeches, clear the path branches obstructing you.

The beauty of these falls is that each of these falls are hidden from one another and they get better and better as you go up the cascade, culminating in a magnificent fall which is as secluded a waterfall as you can imagine! As we had gone in the monsoons, going up the cascade was anything but easy. The path was treacherously slippery with leeches feasting on you at every step.

The falls is in seven steps and people who really want to enjoy the beauty that nature has to take the pain of walking through the falls

Idlumane falls - the joy on our faces knew no bounds. It was simply breathtaking. Since the monsoon was yet to start, there was not enormous supply of water-flow. The water was gushing and icy cold. The force of the water felt as if it was being barraged by bullets. The falls is about 70 ft and it's a bliss to stand at the foot of the falls for the shower of your life.


We were back in Viahara Nisarghadhama and enjoyed the floura and fauna around, and took some pictures.

Inside the HUT, Vihara Nisargha Dhama

Birds found around Vihara Nisarghadhama

hall which can accommodate around 40-50 members.

                                    Mr.Manjanna, Architect of Vihara Nisarghadhama

Mr.Prashanth, Guide             Mr.Venkatesh Bhat, Cook

Hanging bride in Kalyani Chowk

MANJANNA  at his 200 year old Residence

Inside Mr.Manjanna house

Kalyani Nisarga Dhama
Nittur, Hoasanagara Taluk,
Shimoga Distt, Pin 577452

                                               KODACHADRI HILLS

Kodachadri is 1343 meters above sea level. A beautifiull hill abode that overlooks the panoramic Western Ghats. It is clothed with splendid evergreen forests.

Kodachadri is famed for its glorious sunrises and sunsets.

Nearest health camp : Nittur,Kattinahole,Sampekatte.

Approach : 

There are 2 trekking trails are there to reach koadachadri.
1)From karakatte gate and santosh hotel.this is the easy trek route. It will take around 2.5-3 hrs to trek.
2)From nittur via hidlumane falls.this is the toughest trekking trail. It will take around 4-5 hrs to trek.During monsoon season it is not advisable.

Contact persons : Nittur Rajendra(9449145540)
Best time to visit : During Monsoon u can see nature at its best.
                            Sep-Jan is best time to hang around there.

This is one trip that would be in your memory for long as it's nothing less than the costliest roller coaster ride that you can pay for. Sri Shankaracharya peeta which is about twenty minutes trek from here. The view of mountains and valleys is just amazing and if you have enough time it's also a beautiful sunset point.

Kodachadri is the highest peak (at an altitude of 1343 m above sea level) of Shimoga district in Karnataka state. Located in the middle of the Mookambika National Park, Kodachadri is home to many endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna. Kodachadri is famous for its wonderful sunrise and   sunset.

The main attraction of Kodachadri is "Sarvajna Peetha" which is on the hilltop. It is believed that  philosopher "Adi Shankaracharya" performed meditation at this place. The closest base to Kodachadri  hills is Kollur which is at a distance of 20 kilometers. Kodachadri hills form a scenic backdrop of the famous Mookambika temple in Kollur.We decided to visit   the famous Kodachadri sunrise. Also since we were told that the path to Arsinagundi falls will be really tricky because of the rains, we headed straight back to Nittur 

Kodachadri Tea Owner's Mobile


  1. sir could you please share the contact details of Mr. Manjunath.
    My Email : shashank10126@gmail.com

  2. sir could you please share the contact details of Mr. Manjunath.
    My Email : shashank10126@gmail.com

  3. Photos are ultimate..This is the place where you can see the beauty and wonders of nature..every one must visit once..We went kodachadri and some other near by places in june 2016.We stayed at "Silverhill Farm Homestay",This also a wonder full place apart from kodachadri,a farm house with good accommodation and tasty food..We enjoyed a lot in silverhill farm too....

    Raghavendra Bellibetta

  4. Very nice blog!! Please share Manjanna's number. I'm planning to visit!

  5. Very nice blog!! Please share Manjanna's number. I'm planning to visit!

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